Private PV Solar, Solar+Storage & Microgrid Consultation

If your team is interested in exploring PV Solar, PV Solar+Storage, or Microgrids but don't have any internal experts on-staff, UES is able to fill that temporary expertise gap for you and guide your project to success. 

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By now you may know that Uptown Energy Solution's PV Solar, Solar+Storage (batteries) & Microgrid solutions have the ability to save business & property owners money, offer convenient and resilient energy access during natural disasters, and make a big environmental impact on both the local and global scale. 

However, with so much misleading information and rumors surrounding the technology, your company may hesitate to pursue a Sustainable Energy project of your own. 

We take the guess work out : as an independent 3rd party Uptown Energy Solutions can provide unbiased leadership for your next Sustainability Project without the conflict of interest from bringing a contractor on board too early. 

Contact us today to get started - our NABCEP certified advisors are waiting to join your PV Solar, Solar+Storage or Microgrid team at any stage!

  • Feasibility
  • Initial Design
  • Profitability Forecasts
  • Project Management


UES is here to help you Spend Less, and Generate More.