Full-Service Solar Consultant serving Lake Nona, FL

Uptown Energy Solutions is Florida’s premier Full-Service Solar Consultant. We’re working to provide high-value services to the solar energy industry, solar energy consumers, and to the planet Earth.

We’ll provide you with a solar expert, specifically trained in the state of Florida, to act as your personal guide through the industry so you can stay focused on the things you know and love, and still invest with confidence.

Benefits Of Choosing Uptown Energy Solutions

  • Compare more real solar quotes in less time
  • Less personal stress with a solar expert looking out for your best interest
  • Standardized analysis of each proposal for a true apples to apples comparison
  • Opportunity and guidance to maximize their ROI over their system’s 25+ year lifetime
  • Faster project completion

How the process works:

Full-Service Solar Energy Brokers Orlando FL

Your Three Easy Steps To Maximum Solar Savings

  1. Get in touch online through our Contact page
  2. Let us find the best company to perform your installation at the best price
  3. You start saving money as soon as the installation is complete

Our Packages

  • A-la-Carte

    Proposal Analysis


    per Proposal You Send Us

    •  No Conflict of Interest
    •  Advanced Performance and Financial Analysis
    •  Apples to Apples Savings Comparisons
    •  Choose and Meet Your Own Installers At Your Own Pace
    •  No Time Saved
    •  No Project Support
    •  Not Anonymous

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  • Pros-Only

    Consultation Package

    Most Popular!


    We'll Provide a Maximum of 5 Installer Proposals

    •  No Conflict of Interest
    •  Advanced Performance and Financial Analysis
    •  Apples to Apples Savings Comparisons
    •  Choose from a list of our Top 10 Local Solar Pros
    •  Meet Only the Installers you Want
    •  Save Weeks of Research and Sales Meetings Expert Project Support
    •  Find the Most Bang for Your Buck
    •  Not Completely Anonymous

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  • Gold Standard

    Consultation Package

    Most Savings!


    of Your Net Savings

    •  Everything in our Pros-Only Package, Plus:
    •  Unlimited Proposals and Installer Options
    •  Completely Anonymous
    •  Financial Interests Alignment

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