shop solar online

Shop Solar Online

Solar Pros & consumers take notice!  We're building a new app for mobile devices & desktops to make exploring your solar options faster and easier than ever. 


Our new Solar Savings Marketplace is the fastest way to shop for Solar Savings : 

  • Compare project size, cost and financing combinations on the fly.
  • Quickly connecting customers who want quotes with nearby contractors.
  • Get access to the latest financing products and special deals available in your area.
  • Performs primary functions with or without an active internet connection.
  • Free & easy to get started - just a few details about your project and you can start exploring.
  • Authoritative production forecasts at the click of a button, or enter your own data from outside sources.
  • Dashboard allows you to filter, sort and save your project options for speedy comparisons.
  • Build & share custom proposals in seconds.
  • Mobile-First design & available for Apple, Android users as well as on any desktop computer.


We're currently recruiting our first users to gain early access to our new technology, totally free.


If you're a home owner, commercial property owner, or Solar Professional we'd love to connect and learn how we might serve you better!


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