Ygrene Energy Fund

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The Company

Ygrene Energy Fund is the nation’s leading provider of residential, multifamily and commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.   Ygrene was founded in California in 2010 and now operates in Missouri and Florida as well.

Ygrene is committed to making it easy for property owners to invest in their future and a healthier environment. Over the next five years, YgreneWorks is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs and invest several billion dollars into local economies.

The Product

The award-winning, privately funded YgreneWorks™ program provides immediately accessible financing with no upfront payments for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and, in certain areas, water conservation, storm and wind protection, electric vehicle charging stations and seismic upgrades.


  • Loan Type: Secured (PACE)
  • APR: 7.0% – 8.0%; fixed
  • Available Term Lengths: 5 – 25 years
  • Interest is Tax Deductible

Typical Requirements: (may vary for each individual)

  • No Minimum credit score
  • Minimum 10% equity in home
  • Minimum 3 years history of property taxes paid on time
  • Minimum loan amount $2,500

Is Ygrene Right for You

Ygrene Energy Fund is a leader in PV solar financing, but is financing through Ygrene right for you?

Contact your local Uptown Energy Solutions consultant and they’ll help you identify what solar modules your local installers are offering, what inverter each recommends your modules be paired with, and what they would charge to have the whole system installed now.

On top of that, your UES Solar Energy Consultant will do a full design analysis of each installer’s proposed system, compare its expected production with it’s quoted costs, and determine which will give you the most “bang for your buck”, all as part of your Gold Standard Solar Investment Strategy.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today for a no nonsense approach to your solar investment, and let us help you Maximize your Solar ROI.

Last Updated August 18, 2017
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