Isn't solar too expensive for most people?

Isn't solar too expensive for most people?


Answer:   Not at all.   Costs have dropped significantly over the last few years and many more organizations are offering low-interest loans to help you get solar on your roof today, even for $0 down.   This has caused solar installations to boom all over the world, all over the United States, and yes, even right here in Florida.   The 30% Investment Tax Credit currently being offered by the US Government is a huge help to many buyers of solar as well, but it will not last forever.   So even though costs are still dropping, you should act soon to take advantage of this 30% discount.

Furthermore, thanks to the expiration of some of the biggest incentives to invest in the near future, these low product costs we’ve been enjoying may not last forever either.

If you’re still not sure if you believe us, that’s fine.   Just pay attention next time you hear about a multi-million (or billion) dollar company investing in solar here in Florida (like IKEA, Walt Disney World, the US Air Force, and even some banks already have) and realize that they would not be doing that if it didn’t make financial sense.   If it makes sense for them, it can make sense for you too.