Win 2: For Solar Energy Consumers

Win 2: For Solar Energy Consumers


Our Solar Energy Consultant provides expert knowledge and installation experience directly to residential and commercial clients without the inherent conflict of interest that comes with representing a single company or product. Our project managers work directly with the customer to answer their specific questions and tailor a solution for their unique needs.

As Florida’s first Full-Service Solar Consultant, we’re putting power back in the consumers’ hands.

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Your time is worth way too much to spend it researching the complexities of a solar installation. From solar theory and policy, to site evaluation, financial analysis, and project management, we understand it can all be very overwhelming. That’s why as part of our win-win-win mission, we’re providing consumers with the best of all worlds solution: one personal expert – multiple quotes.

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Recent research proves it: consumers are 8 times more likely to install solar after receiving 5 or more quotes. Services like Uptown Energy Solutions are helping increase solar adoption by making it easier to find the solution that’s right for you.

Source: EnergySage Solar Marketplace Intel Report April 2017