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What Makes Uptown Energy Solutions Stand Out


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About Uptown Energy Solutions

Uptown Energy Solutions takes the sales out of solar by offering no-conflict solar brokerage and consultation services. We apply industry-leading software and design practices to evaluate multiple solar proposals with your best interest in mind. Our mobile solar experts will provide you with the highest quality of personalized service.

We have been in business for two years, currently serving residential customers in Central Florida, as well as commercial customers throughout North and South America. Still in our nascent stage, we are working to develop and adapt to new technologies and trends. Our vision of the future is to accelerate the adoption of solar energy and reduce the prevalence of predatory sales tactics in the industry. As a part of this mission, we are working with industry partners and product manufacturers to develop better products and new sales models every day.

The Uptown Energy Solutions Difference

Our customers are those who understand that purchasing a solar energy system is not like purchasing any other product- it is truly an investment. And like any other investment, potential customers should be interested in learning about much more than the costs of their solar installation, they should be interested in what the net benefits, or ROI they should expect to receive. As we help our customers spend less, and generate more, we look for decision-makers who have a strong attraction to making high-value purchases in order to get the most out of their money.

Uptown Energy Solutions is a team that of university-educated engineers and industry experts. We are also the first company to offer full-service solar brokerage and consultation services. Our service allows our customers to take advantage of all the benefits of shopping around without doing any of the leg work associated with balancing multiple appointments or evaluating multiple proposals and that’s what makes our service unique.

Our competitors want to make sure you purchase your solar energy system specifically through their company. They also benefit the most from convincing prospective customers to spend as much money as possible. Our service is different in that regardless of who you choose as your final solar energy provider, we just want you to feel comfortable and confident with your decision to invest in economic, clean solar energy and move away from costly fossil and nuclear fuels.

One of our biggest achievements till date was when we were contracted to consult for a solar developer looking to build solar farms in Brazil in order to help rural communities continue to prosper even during the ongoing national energy crisis. This project is currently ongoing as we have completed our development plan, secured commitment from our municipal customers, and are currently seeking a project co-sponsor

Being an environmentally conscious company, we also operate by working remotely and leveraging modern technologies, such as cloud-based computing, data storage, electronic data transfer, and wireless communication. We work to reduce things like paper waste and unnecessary energy usage across all of our business functions.

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