Gain Early Access To Solar Savings Today!

Gain Early Access To Solar Savings Today!


Blog by Uptown Energy Solutions

A number of households and businesses are switching to a renewable energy source because of its zero energy-production costs, versatile installation, and so on. Moreover, there are several community solars which is one of the fastest-growing segments of the US solar market. Here subscribers typically save annually on their electricity costs and, of course, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by opting out of fossil fuel power.

At Uptown Energy Solutions, we want to help property owners save more money and help solar professionals advance their careers by closing more deals. We are building an app for mobile devices and desktops to make exploring your solar options faster and easier than ever. And, we are giving you early access to new solar opportunities so that you can improve your ROI with the Solar Savings Marketplace.

How does the Solar Savings Marketplace Tool work?

This new tool is reliable and straightforward for users of any experience level. It is clean enough for explorers and powerful enough for the pros. Only through our technology can you count on seeing real, up-to-date information on financing deals available in your area for the latest solar systems. With this information, you can make the most informed decisions for your home or business’s requirements.

Our app doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles. We’re focused on performing only the most important functions to help you right now. After you try this new app, don’t be surprised if you feel the need to abandon all other forms of estimating your solar savings.

Benefits of the Solar Savings Marketplace Tool

The Solar Savings Marketplace is useful to solar sales professionals, home and business owners, as well as professionals in related construction fields such as general contractors and architects.

1. If you’re a solar sales professionals, you can enjoy:

a. Build and share estimates for prospective customers in your network from any phone, tablet, or PC, with or without an active internet connection.

b. Access to the latest financing products and special deals available in your area.

c. Authoritative production forecasts from the experts you trust at the click of a button or enter your predictions based on your real-world experience.

d. The ability to filter, sort, and save your project options for quick comparisons through the dashboard.

e. Mobile-First design and availability for Apple, Android users, as well as on any desktop computer while you’re at the office.

2. If you’re a property owner or those exploring the state of the solar industry, you can use the marketplace to:

a. Compare project size, cost, and financing combinations on the fly.

b. Start shopping quickly and for free - just a few details about your project, and you can start exploring.

c. Get connected with solar installers in your area to request an official quote at the touch of a button.

How to use the Solar Savings Marketplace Tool?

Step 1: Develop solar savings estimates based on system size, location, project start date (for ITC considerations), install cost, PV module degradation rate, first-year efficiency, dollar per kWh value of energy savings, and annual escalation rates.

Step 2: Quickly and easily compare or filter all the latest financing options based on net savings, IRR, NPV, Payback period, and Minimum down payments for any residential or commercial project.

Step 3: Build a thirty-year cash flow analysis and line chart for any financing option selected

Step 4: Share a PDF of your results to any email address.

If you are interested in our solar solution, then take the next thirty seconds to visit our website and sign up for a free trial offer to try the new Solar Savings Marketplace Tool or request a private demo. Our early access users can enjoy the tool for free for a limited time. However, you can opt for an alternative option, but it will be a self-made spreadsheet using expensive subscription-based software.

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