How High Performance Roofing Is Impacting The Building Industry |

How High Performance Roofing Is Impacting The Building Industry

Mike McGrath |

Blog by Uptown Energy Solutions

With the increasing adoption of High Performance Building principals, the performance demands for building materials has changed drastically; and, for the better.

If you don't know, the classification of "High Performance" describes building materials and systems that are not only protective but act as a performance-enhancing shield against all elements for the building. These products serve dual, or even triple functions such as improving sustainability, enabling uninterrupted operations, reducing construction or lifetime costs, and providing superior durability in order to improve the productivity and health of the building and residing members. In layman terms, High Performance Building usually means offering a strong combination of stability, insulation, protection, and renewable energy generation to any construction project.

However, before customers can achieve the much sought-after ‘Home of the Future’, they need to seek out professionals with education on and access to new building technologies such as the High Performance Roof and other smart home devices (see Tom's Guide to the best smart home devices in 2019). Only with in-depth knowledge of the materials and products available today and their long-term performance can contractors position themselves to create lasting value for their clients, and lasting profits for their organizations.

Solar Roofing: The Best Option for High Performance Building

The current dogma within the public conversation is that the Tesla Solar Shingles are the best option when it comes to solar roofing. However, as recently chronicled in Reuters and the MIT Technology Review (and less recently reported by CNBC), despite many promises the Tesla Solar Shingle seems to be going nowhere in 2019. Even beyond testing and manufacturing obstacles, many roofing experts are even more skeptical about the Tesla Roof's ability to perform at all in real world applications, specifically pointing to ongoing issues such as solar efficiency, condensation and installation complexity. As such, industry professionals are tasked with utilizing one or more of the other competing technologies in the solar-integrated roofing space to fill the void left by Tesla's marketing.

To ensure people have better options than the Tesla Solar Shingle, the solar tile experts at 3 IN 1 ROOF have managed to design a new tile that further improves the performance of modern buildings, with or without the available solar upgrade. While providing wind protection and solar power are its primary features, the 3 IN 1 ROOF also promises to prevent heat transfer into to the structure, or more specifically, into the attic where AC duct work usually resides and heat can build up rapidly. As a result, their system will actually improve the building's thermal envelope and reduce the energy needed to manage internal temperatures.

Moreover, with the now-UL-listed 3 IN 1 ROOF, homeowners can get a genuinely rugged home designed to withstand nearly any natural disaster. This is possible as 3 IN 1 ROOF turns the roof from the ‘Achilles heel’ of the structure to its most prized asset. Besides protecting the structure’s interior from heat and water penetration, this 200-mph-wind rated High Performance Roof with a PV Solar upgrade can also supply the property with life-saving electrical energy for days or weeks after an event which would be considered disastrous to your everyday construction.

However, the fact does remain that sometimes you do have to pay (literally) for performance. While high price tags can make any construction project all the more daunting, many consumers and industry professionals are learning new ways to shift their perspective from "cost" comparisons to "value" considerations and with great success.

Building Competitively in 2019 and Beyond

As with any high performance purchase, some of these new technologies may have a higher price tag than the historical solutions they are replacing. However, new buyers and builders are wise to consider the subsequent reductions in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their property, and savvy financiers such as GreenSky, MosaicPrime Lending, and Ygrene are already rolling-out attractive new financing models which can further remove any sticker shock from a buyer’s purchasing considerations.

When taking the construction and lifetime costs of a product into consideration, the value of a higher-cost product can quickly become apparent. For example, if a better performing product can be financed at a lower rate or over a longer period, or if the product is less costly to install, this can bring the monthly cost associated with the installation of a product much closer to any of their cheaper competitors which are only eligible for traditional lending devices.

Once you factor any additional energy savings or protective benefits into the mix, customers will often discover the paradoxical truth that they are actually able to save money by investing in premium building products. This is why for our customers looking to build or retrofit their properties we always recommend a licensed professional with working knowledge of High Performance Building concepts, technologies and financing solutions to ensure their money is well-spent while adding comfort, durability, and efficiency to into their lives.

As for those construction and financing brands which are slow to adopt these new technologies into their business models, whether traditionally relied upon or not they are likely to fall behind in terms of both gross sales and consumer recognition.

If you’re planning to update your property with a High Performance Roofing or PV Solar system, your first call should be to Uptown Energy Solutions. UES is the premier energy consultation firm in Florida and can boast superior product knowledge, NABCEP credentials and expertise in many engineering and financial design principles compared with your every day contractor. Whether your project is residential or commercial, hiring an Uptown Energy Solutions expert is sure to make your new or retrofit High Performance Building experience streamlined and efficient.

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