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Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Solar Professional


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The decision to switch to solar power usually stems from your intentions to save money and the planet. Solar energy is abundant and free, but some initial commitment is required to ensure your renewable energy project is a successful one. Besides the cost of a solar system, you need to consider installation policies, processes, customer services, and technical complexities.

To reap the real benefits of free green electricity, proper guidance from the right professionals is necessary. Power requirements for every home and business are very different. A trained professional can gauge your electricity consumption, educate you better about solar technology, and suggest the best options for your needs.

With hundreds of solar energy installers in Florida, picking the cream of the crop gets a bit tricky. However, there's no need to worry because, with this list of five expert qualities, you can select a solar energy expert to suit all your needs.

1. No conflict of interest.

The purpose of consulting with a solar energy professional is to make your life easier. With dozens of solar products available it’s often difficult to pick the right combination of technologies for your needs without some insight and advice. Most solar experts usually offer a limited variety of products based on which manufacturers they feel offer the best quality. However, in some cases a limited selection is actually the result of a lucrative benefit to the company for being exclusive to a single product or brand name, so be wary of any company who can't or won't offer you multiple options. In our experience, we find that the most reputable companies offer expertise on at least two brands of each product type.

2. Strong Company History.

Among other reasons, it can be hard to trust a ten-year installation warranty when the company offering it has been around for only two years. So, when speaking with a company rep, make sure to separate the individual’s experience from that of the company’s. Even if a solar expert may know a lot about the products and brands, they may not know enough about the company's day-to-day operations to give you a clear picture as to how business is going.

3. Reliability in all things.

Reliability is defined as being "the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well" and is an important trait to find in your solar professional. You can easily test for this simply by paying attention to how often a company representative actually does what he or she has promised to you. If can't count on this person to execute the little things, it usually translates to the larger project requirements too such as filing permits, completing an installation, or upholding a warranty. Don’t disregard the reliability (or lack thereof) of your solar pro, it’s a crucial quality you shouldn't take for granted.

4. Knowledge, not memorization.

Does the person sitting across from you actually understand what they are talking about, or are they just feeding you catchy “feel-good” lines? Find out by asking questions about the things you want more information on. Don’t settle for partial or vague answers. If you get the impression that this person is not confident with certain important details, ask to speak with the manager for a better explanation. Or, get a solar consultant or solar broker on your team who can filter and verify the information that you are receiving from the various contractors they have introduced you to. Otherwise, you'll just have to make a judgment call on your own.

5. Location, location, location.

It makes sense to pick a solar energy professional near you because a local business can give you immediate attention for consults or emergency assistance after your solar system is installed. The last thing you want to hear from a company is, “Sorry, but we’ll have to reschedule this for when we’ve got a truck in your area.” Or, “We would, but it’s tough for us to make it out that way right now.” In our opinion, local presence can be worth a lot when it comes to contracting work for your home or business.

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