A-la-Carte Proposal Analysis

A-la-Carte Proposal Analysis


Uptown Energy Solutions is Introducing the New, Better Way to Shop for Solar.

Our A-la-Carte Proposal Analysis keeps you in total control of your project, and well informed about the accuracy of any solar proposals which you have received on your own. 

While this option doesn't offer the convenience of our Consultation Packages, it is ideal for those who prefer to get to know their potential installers on a personal basis before deciding who to purchase from. 

If you have already done your research and received full proposals (not just quotes) from a few installers, but are having trouble picking between them, just send your proposals to us and we'll put them through our industry leading Standardization and Analysis.   Through this analysis, we'll use advanced solar design software to re-create each proposed system and determine its production potential using the amount of sunlight that your property receives and a controlled set of variables. 

By using site-specific data and a standard set of design inputs, we create an apples-to-apples comparison of your options to help increase your confidence in your purchasing decision.   Investing in a personal solar energy generator is almost always a good choice, but we'll help you determine which option is the best.


Proposal Analysis


per Proposal You Send Us

  •  No Conflict of Interest
  •  Advanced Performance and Financial Analysis
  •  Apples to Apples Savings Comparisons
  •  Choose and Meet Your Own Installers At Your Own Pace
  •  No Time Saved
  •  No Project Support
  •  Not Anonymous

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