Pros-Only Solar Consultation Package

Pros-Only Solar Consultation Package


Uptown Energy Solutions is Introducing the New, Better Way to Shop for Solar.

Through our industry leading Pros-Only and Gold Standard Consultation Packages you get all the benefits of shopping around, combined with the convenience of working with a single solar expert. 

One of our Full-Service Solar Brokers will reach out to trusted solar installers in your area and request proposals (not just quotes) on your behalf.   From there, we'll perform an Advanced Technical and Financial analysis of each proposal to help ensure you're getting the right "bang" for your solar buck. 

The big difference between our Pros-Only and Gold Standard packages is the number of options that you receive. 

With our Pros-Only Consultation Package, your dedicated Solar Broker will provide you with a list of the Top 10 Solar Pros in Florida ad from there you'll have the opportunity to pick up to 5 installers you'd like to receive proposals from. 

No Rush and No Pressure! 

This Top 10 Solar Pros list will include the names of each installer along with links to their websites so that you can do as much research as you like before making your final selection.   Then even if you're still feeling a bit lost, your dedicated Solar Broker can help guide you using their own knowledge along with the experience our organization has working with those Solar Pros in our network. 

We're taking the Sales out of Solar to make doing the right thing easy and fun!


Consultation Package

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We'll Provide a Maximum of 5 Installer Proposals

  •  No Conflict of Interest
  •  Advanced Performance and Financial Analysis
  •  Apples to Apples Savings Comparisons
  •  Choose from a list of our Top 10 Local Solar Pros
  •  Meet Only the Installers you Want
  •  Save Weeks of Research and Sales Meetings Expert Project Support
  •  Find the Most Bang for Your Buck
  •  Not Completely Anonymous

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