Is Your Company Ready to Beat Uncertainty with Sustainability?

You can increase both Short & Long Term Profits by paying less for energy and increasing your property value with this One Purchase.


Grid-tied solar energy has been extensively used and studied in the field for over 40 years and has been demonstrated to provide net positive savings for many businesses.  Plus, your expert-led project can provide your business with resilience against blackouts and increasing Time of Use or Peak Demand charges when incorporated with a battery backup system.


One short phone call is all it takes to learn more about Uptown Energy Solutions and our Diversified Financing programs to discover if an investment in clean, affordable solar energy is right for your business. 


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For a Limited Time - Special Offers available for customers with Energy Costs >$2,000 per month & more than 20,000 sq-ft of roof space.

Big Benefits From Solar & Solar + Storage

  • What Wall Street Knows
    What Wall Street Knows
    Your PV solar or solar + storage system can provide your business with both short and long term financial benefits ranging from 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars in both Tax and recurring Cash savings when designed & financed properly.
  • Boost Your Brand & Profits
    Boost Your Brand & Profits
    You can create stronger relationships with 91% of U.S. customers who believe it’s important for companies to actively pursue sustainability efforts*, which includes renewable energy targets. Surveys show a lot of Millenials and Baby Boomers are even willing to spend more for products made by those brands which prioritize the environment.
  • Get to Green First
    Isn't Today All About GREEN?
    Get to Green first & get an 'edge' on your competition with superior Triple-Bottom-Line (TBL) performance. UES's Solar + Battery Storage Solutions are by far Florida's best kept energy secret by industry leaders - make your investors, customers and partners even more proud to support you!

Saving Every Hard Earned Dollar Is More Important Now Than Ever Before.

Consultants for Solar Panel Installations Orlando FL

Secure your organization's outlook with Energy & Price Certainty.  Today's opportunities include:

  • $10's - $100's of Thousands in savings,
  • Resilience against blackouts & rising rates,
  • Energy use tracking & management tools,
  • Increased Property Values with low debt carry,
  • Superior brand positioning opportunities, and
  • Exhibiting Confidence to your investors, partners, vendors & customers.

Our rooftop, ground, carport and energy storage solutions provide you with clear choices, better designs, and more value.

Uptown Energy Solutions stands above the crowd when it comes to Commercial Solar in our home state of Florida.

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Real reviews from our clients & partners:

Consultants for Solar Panel Installations Orlando FL

Very knowledgeable. Great to work with. A no nonsense company.

Larry P.

Consultants for Solar Panel Installations Orlando FL

This is a very knowledgeable company, with great attention to detail. They have fantastic customer service. I highly recommend their solar services if you are in the market.

Jack B.

So What's it Take to Get Qualified?

Solar Fever Is Just Heating Up for UES Customers.

If you're a successful commercial property owner or manager in Florida, you might be surprised to find out that your UES-led project could be a "Go" for solar with all parties involved.  

In fact, our research has found that many Commercial Property types in our region are more likely than not to have the right combination of roof space, energy needs and construction type to see huge benefits from our solar or solar+storage solutions.  These include:

  • Schools,
  • Mid Size Offices, 
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities,
  • Warehouses or Distribution Centers,
  • Big Box Retail Centers, and
  • Vehicle Sales Showrooms.

Find Out if Your Business is Qualified

Consultants for Solar Panel Installations Orlando FL

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You can fill out one of our contact forms in just a few seconds and one of our Commercial Solar Consultants will reach out to you, usually within one business day. 

Uptown Energy Solutions prides itself in our solutions-based sales process - we'll spend a lot more time learning about your business and goals than anything else.  We're confident that if solar is a good fit for your Florida locations, we're the company best suited to help you get the most out of it. 


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